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​​Advanced Pilot Training

As a pilot you have accomplished something many have tried, but only a few have achieved.  Yet, as you know the challenge continues.  Every two years you need to undergo a flight review, you may also want to add additional ratings to your pilot certificate, or perhaps its been a while since you’ve been behind the controls.  Whatever the need, having resources to assist you with maintaining your hard earned wings and advancing your skill and experiences as a pilot can be invaluable.

This is where UPS can help.

Our flight instructors are dedicated to providing quality flight instruction tailored to meet your individual learning style, pace and comfort level.

  • Flight Review
  • Instrument Training
  • Commercial Training
  • Mountain Flying Training
  • Flying in Class B Airspace
  • Pilot skills and knowledge consultation
  • Access to well equipped and well maintained rental aircraft (Click here to learn more about available aircraft)

Quality Instruction

With a WAAS equipped Garmin GTN 750, ADS-B, an iPad with ForeFlight linked to the GTN 750 for downloading your flight plan and displaying traffic and weather, and more....our well equipped and well maintained aircraft will meet your needs.

Quality Equipment