(844) IFLYUPS (435-9877)

Our customers are:

  • Student Pilots
  • Pilots
  • Independent Flight Instructors
  • Aircraft Owners
  • Aviation Enthusiast

We provide a place and services that …​​

  • Advances pilot training and skills development
  • Promotes sharing of aviation experiences and knowledge
  • Provides a Home Base from where to plan and launch aviation adventures
  • Strive to make flying affordable, safe and fun​​

Monthly Seminars

We are fully committed to continuing education and in June our first monthly educational seminar will take place. Below are topics we are considering for these seminars however we would like your input:

Our services are grouped into:

Monthly subscription services offered to customers for a month-to-month fee (click here to learn more)


​​Fee based services offered to customers either at a fixed price, or $50 hourly rate. (click here to learn more

Customer Services

Welcome to United Pilot Services.  We offer something new to general aviation that incorporate out-of-the box thinking and addresses many of the gaps and hurdles that impact pilot training, aircraft ownership and fun flying. 

We are not a Flight School, Flying Club or FBO.