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Our flight instructors are dedicated to providing quality flight instruction tailored to meet your individual learning style, pace and comfort level.


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With a WAAS equipped Garmin GTN 750, ADS-B, an iPad with ForeFlight linked to the GTN 750 for downloading your flight plan and displaying traffic and weather, and more....our well equipped and well maintained aircraft will meet your needs.

Quality Equipment

Student Pilot Training

When you decide to become a pilot you want an experienced team focused on your success and able to guide you through developing the knowledge, skill and confidence to get there.

That’s us!  We provide you everything you need to learn to fly and equally important we introduce you to a community of fellow flyers and resources to expand your aviation experiences and flying opportunities.

Quality Instruction

  • Customized ground and flight instruction required to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate
  • Priority access to well equipped and well maintained aircraft during and after pilot training (Click here to learn more about available aircraft)
  • Invitation to UPS events and on-going training seminars