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​​​​Learning to fly and enjoying the process involves 4 key success factors:



Getting your pilot’s license is not just about being the pilot in command.  It’s also about continuing to learn and advance your piloting skills.  And perhaps most important, it’s about the awesome adventures experienced when you point the nose of the airplane in any direction you choose to go.

​Once you have obtained your pilot’s license, the relationship with those who helped get you there shouldn’t end as it so often does. ​

​United Pilot Services is dedicated to helping you become a pilot, as well as continue to enjoy the adventure of flying. 

We will Maximize your training time and effort in the most efficient and economical way possible.


A flight instructor dedicated to providing quality flight instruction tailored to meet your individual learning style, pace and comfort level.


Affordable access to a well maintained and well equipped aircraft.


We will Help you master the aeronautical knowledge you need to know.

If you live in the Northern California Bay Area, contact us to discuss how we create a training plan tailored to your interest and needs.​​